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Authentic Mexican cuisine is very varied and includes many different recipes, but no other type of food makes the reader think more about Mexican food... but, what can I say... stereotype put aside... Tacos do taste great! The Taco is a mexican dish that consists of a tortilla wrapped around different types of fillings, and sometimes 2 tortillas are used to double it up. It is a basic recipe and it is very easy to do, since the taco can be garnished with practically any filling of meat and/or vegetables. The Taco is eaten directly with your hands and is usually accompanied by spicy or outright hot, red or green sauces; it also is topped by any of the infinite toppings and seasonings found in the traditional Mexican cuisine. The tacos are sold in varied types of restaurants, from luxurious restaurants downto family taquerías, that generally are rustic places, improvised with only a few tables, while there are famous taquerías, with many places to sit down and eat.

Nowadays the taco has spread worldwide as a type of fast food. It is now easy to find in the USA or in places where large Mexican communities exist; one thing about those well-known restaurant chains who claim to make Tacos using a hard-shell tortilla shaped like a U; in Mexico that does not actually correspond to what a real Taco should be like, although it may come slightly close to some Tacos, the point is that in the real thing, the tortilla must not be hard; it may be crispy but never hard and crumbly. Here are the most well known original Tacos you can try at home with easy to find ingredients, or perhaps with a quick visit to the closest latin products store.

Tacos de Alambre
Tacos de Carnitas
Tacos al Pastor
Tacos de Camarones (shrimp)
Beef Tongue Tacos
Tacos de Longaniza Sausage
Tacos de Carne Asada (tacos with steak)
Tacos Fronterizos
Tacos de Canasta o Sudados
Tacos de Ternera (veal)
Lower California Style Tacos
Ensenada Style Shrimp Tacos
Tacos de Adobada
Fried Plantain Tacos
Huitlacoche Tacos
Mango and Avocado Tacos
Tacos with Chicharrón
Tacos Envenenados
Tacos Campechanos
Tacos Tuxpeños
Tacos de Cabeza de Res
Chilorio Tacos from Culiacán
Requesón Tacos from Michoacán
Cachetadas from Tampico
Tacos de Bírria
Tacos Gobernador
Surimi Tacos
Tacos de Pollo (Chicken)
Caramelized Onions Tacos
Potato and Cheese Tacos
Tacos de Arrachera
Pulled Pork Tacos

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