Shrimp Tacos, Rosarito Ensenada Style

The city of Ensenada and her close cousin, Rosarito, are located in the Mexican state of Baja California; more and more the culinary merits of that state are becoming appreciated and this phenomenon is centered around the city of Ensenada. Ensenada has attracted many Chefs along with prestigious culinary schools, which were often attracted by the local diversity of fresh fish, unique in the world, because of the proximity of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, in addition to the excellent quality of the vegetables grown locally (with many restaurants growing their own…). For these reasons many chefs have bet on the potential of this town, whose culinary reputation has slowly been gaining reputation and personality, ready to take on the rest of the country.

The Baja Med movement is a concept that relies simply on the combination of the climate of the peninsula, which is similar to the Mediterranean climate, and is the starts with honoring the local products; this Bajamed idea is making new fans among the local professional Chefs. Among the typical dishes of BajaMed are the famous Ensenada fish tacos, the shrimp tacos, clam cocktails, oysters, mussels and ceviche tostadas, while the latter is of Peruvian origin, ceviche was widely adopted here and this has given it a very unique touch.

French and Italian food have also greatly contributed to create this "fusion cuisine", and let’s not forget the appeal and good taste of the Guadalupe Valley Wines. San Antonio de Las Minas is famous for its apple pie made from green apple, cinnamon, sugar and cheese. In addition, many gastronomic yearly events regularly take place in Ensenada, starting mid-March such as Ensenada Wine dress, the Mushroom Festival (Festival del Hongo) where participating restaurants in this event will prepare a variety of dishes with mushrooms and edible fungi, and the fish and seafood festival (Feria del pescado y el marisco), just to name those two.

Shrimp Tacos, Rosarito Ensenada Style Recipe


* 8 corn tortillas
* 1 and 1/2 lb., big sized shrimp
* 1 pinch of salt
* 2 cups lettuce, chopped
* 2 eggs
* 1 cup bread crumbs
* 1 cup tomato sauce
* 1 bunch fresh cilantro,
* 2 pieces of jalapeno peppers
* 1/4 cup mayonnaise
* 1 pinch of pepper
* 1/4 cup ketchup
* vegetable oil for frying the shrimp


1) First we make the tomato sauce preparation by mix tomato sauce, cilantro and chiles. Make the special dressing by combining mayonnaise, pepper and ketchup. Once you have set the two sauces, peel and clean the shrimp, season with salt and pepper.

2) Place two bowls, in the first one pour the beaten eggs and in the other one the bread crumbs. Passes each of the shrimp first through the eggs and then breadcrumbs. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat, then fry the shrimp; place the breaded shrimp on paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

3) Now we prepare the Tacos, assembled by placing a corn tortilla, lettuce, dressing, tomato sauce and shrimp.

Serve the Tacos accompanied by more dressing on the side, salsa and a few quartered limes

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