Tacos de Alambre ('skewers' tacos)

One of the Tacos recipes that are very popular in the mexican capital (Mexico city); they are called de alambre. A delicious "mild" taco with meat, the red peppers with onions, combined with crisp bacon, that is usually prepared not to be spicy... Enjoy the softness of the meat, the crispy bacon and taste the flavor of the Oaxaca cheese melted over a traditional corn tortilla... This taco recipe calls for using the mild Pimiento Morrón (our bell peppers), as the tacos de alambre aren't supposed made to be hot. Although these "sweet" bell peppers are superstars in North America and Europe, but going through this site has probably made you notice the huge variety the Capsicum (or peppers) genum has to offer; the bell peppers aren't used as frequently in the authentic mexican cuisine.

Tacos de Alambre

Tacos de Alambre recipe (for 4-5 using these quantities)


To prepare Tacos de Alambre with bell peppers we need the following ingredients:

• 20 corn tortillas
• 2 lb. red meat from beef, sliced to thin and short fajita style slices
• 4 bell peppers, cut to small squares
• 12 Slices of Cut Bacon
• 1 pound of grated Oaxaca cheese, can be substituted with Mozzarella in case it is unavailable
• 3 Medium sized onions finely chopped
• 1/2 cup canola Oil
• Pepper to your Taste
• Salt to your Taste


1. In a frying pan pour the oil, warm it up and add the bacon until the bacon's edges start to brown (do not let the bacon slices overlap), then drain them and reserve.
2. In the same frying pan, now fry the onion, once the onions get transparent, add the morrón chiles and cook under low fire setting so that it smooths.
3. Season your meat with some salt and the black pepper the meat slices and throw it in the frying pan, together with the bacon, cook the meat until it is well done.
4. Sprinkle the grated Oaxaca cheese and spread over the meat as evenly as possible. Cook everything to melt the cheese.
5. Warm the tortillas and add the mixture we just did just as the cheese has melted.

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