Tacos de Ternera (veal tacos recipe)

When we are busier than usual and there is less time to dedicate to cooking in the kitchen, so we can spend some quality time with the family, in these situations a quick stop at the latin mercado will allow you to get the basic ingredients needed for an easy and simple taco recipe. As the song goes: the show must go on... A few tortillas and some green tomato salsa is all you really need. So to have this mexican dinner, we will prepare some Tacos with this simple but great recipe, with veal and white mexican cheese...

Recipe for Tacos de Ternera (veal tacos recipe):


* 12 Mexican tortillas,
* some Mole Verde,
* 4 veal steaks,
* 1 green bell pepper or two small ones,
* 1 big onion,
* Mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese to melt,
* green tomato with chili sauce (salsa verde),
* extra-virgin olive oil,
* freshly ground black pepper
* salt


Quickly heat up the tortillas under low heat setting in a frying pan. But according to the manufacturer it can change, so please read the package instructions and follow the instructions.

Wash and cut in juliennes the green pepper discarding seeds and stems. Also peel and cut also in julienne slices the onion. Cut the veal steaks in strips.
Set to medium heat, use a frying pan with a little bit of oil and mix in the peppers, and a few minutes later, add the onion and when they begin to become translucent, put in the meat and season with black pepper and salt. Mix occasionally so that the meat gets well done uniformely.

Sprinkle on the meat the cheese to melt, if it is grated it will melt quickly.

You can serve the tortillas on a plate, the filling with veal with cheese on an other plate and the sauce separately so that each guest prepares it as he or she likes.
For the recipe of Mole verde (which has the recipe outlined here), it will give this meal that authentic Mexican touch.

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