Combined Steak and Meat Tacos (tacos campechanos)

For those who like a real taco full of different kinds of meats, try the Campechanos Tacos...and this combination of meat can be used with many other dishes: stews, barbecue, etc... The name of these tacos misleadgingly suggests that they are a traditional recipe from Campeche... Nobody gets fooled by this in Mexico! As it turns out this method for making tacos took advantage of other meanings of the word "campechanear" which is to relax and enjoy (perhaps as they do in Campeche!?!); or maybe we forgot exactly why, but when it comes to food, all Mexicans know this term refers to a taco with combined types of meat! 

Meat Tacos from Campeche

Campechanos Tacos


• 20 Corn tortillas
• 1 lb. your favorite beef Steak cut, sliced in strips
• 1/2 lb. of chicharrón
• 1/2 lb. pork Sausages (Good chorizos, if you can find)
• 2 potatoes Cooked and diced
• 1 onion finely chopped
• A drizzle olive or canola Oil
• Pepper to your Taste
• Some salsa verde
• Refried beans
• Salt, to Taste


1) In a large skillet, fry the sausages in a little bit of hot oil under medium-low heat and when they reach the point of being almost done, add the onion and cook everything together, but not to the point of liquefying the onions.

2) increase the heat to medium-high; add in the meat strips, season with salt and pepper; cook until the ingredients are cooked to your taste; careful because the steak strips require much less cooking time than the sausages do.

3) add the diced potatoes, mix the ingredients cook for a few minutes, when ready pull away from the heat.

4) warm the tortillas and spread the meat mixture over them to form the tacos, add the pieces of chicharrón over the tacos and serve with some salsa verde, refried beans or guacamole.

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