The Basic Huitlacoche Tacos

As we are starting to see Huitlacoche (also seen as Cuitlacoche) in stores even outside Mexico, we now have the opportunity to try at home a whole new selection of delicious traditional mexican recipes.

Huitlacoche is an interesting ingredient that is much appreciated in many recipes from mexican cuisine: basically it is actually a fungus or an infection of corn. Huitlacoche can sometimes be referred to as “corn smut” although certain high profile mexican gastronomy marketers are trying hard to brand it as the mexican corn truffle; it can be bought fresh or in a can; given my current location which is very far from Mexico I made these using canned ingredients and these tacos came out pretty good!

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Flor de Calabaza and Huitlacoche Tacos

Recipe for Huitlacoche Tacos


* 4 tablespoons oil, as needed
* 1 onion sliced in fine strips
* 1 garlic clove, finely minced
* 1 Can of huitlacoche
* 1 bunch of squash blossoms (fresh if you can find, alternatively you can use the canned ones instead)
* 3 tablespoons tomato paste
* 1 Chile poblano, or your favorite green pepper
* 16 Tortillas for tacos, heated or fried in oil
* 1 cup salsa verde


1) Slice the Poblano chile and discard its stem and seeds, then slice it lengthwise in strips; also peel the onion and slice it in fine strips.

2) In a skillet with a bit of heated oil, fry the onion, the minced garlic, the huitlacoche, the chile strips and squash blossoms until all ingredients are cooked.

3) Add the tomato paste to the pan, season with salt and pepper if desired

Huitlacoche tacos taste great over slightly fried tortillas, divide the huitlacoche and garnish each tortilla; finally top the tacos with some salsa verde and serve immediately...

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