Tacos de Cabeza de res

The Tacos de Cabeza (tacos of head meat) are very popular tacos at stands all around Mexico. Even in this specific part of a cow, there are a quite a few different meat cuts that are commonly used in several tacos; you find the trompa, tongue, cheeks (Cachete), and many others; tacos de cabeza is a generic term and can point to many specific tacos. The meat cuts used in mexican food are very varied, and depending on the meat cut there are many possible dishes that can be made; some prefer lean meat cuts or even without any fat, and you can find those just as easily, but you have to know the terms so you order what you like!

Easy recipe for Tacos de Cabeza de Res:


* 30 corn tortillas
* 4 lbs. Beef head meat or Pork cheek meat
* 12 black peppercorns
* 6 cloves garlic
* 3 bay leaves
* 1 Onion in Half
* 1/2 Onion
* 2 cups Oil
* Salt to taste


1) In a saucepan cook the meat with enough water, add the peppers, garlic, bay leaf, onion and salt.

2) Drain the meat, chop and fry in a pan with oil; add desired spices. As you cook the meat when it gets golden brown, pull away from heat.

3) Heat up the tortillas and put the finely minced meat over them.

4) It is not necessary to completely wrap the tortillas. Accompany these tacos with a nice salsa verde for tacos.

Enjoy your meal!

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