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There is a lot more to mexican food than just tacos and enchiladas; all the traditional mexican recipes shown on this page prove this very point! Mexican cuisine is very varied; every region from Mexico has its own special delicacies... perhaps just as much as Italy does! Of course, most of these dishes revolve around a list of basic ingredients, such as the Salsa Verde, Guajillo Chiles, the Adobo (used as marinade), just to name a few. These basic salsas and ingredients can be found elsewhere on my site; but for convenience I will add a link to them when referred to.

In this section we explain how to prepare and serve meat, the Mexican way; you will find that authentic mexican cuisine has many stews or "guisos", such as the various birria recipes with pulled or shredded meat, which is very different when compared to Tex-Mex cuisine with its ground beef and grilled steaks. As you can see here, there are many mexican recipes that create, in a unique mexican way of preparing red meat, unique flavour blends and aromas with beef, (what they call: 'carne de res') and pork ('cerdo').

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Las costillas (mexican rib recipes)

Ribs in Oranges with Chile sauce
Mexican Ribs in Mole Verde
Veracruz Ribs
Mexican Ribs Recipe
Chipotle Sauce Ribs

Con carne de res (the beef or veal recipes)

Beef Birria Recipe
Jalisco-Style Birria
Mexican Stew
Cortadillo Norteño
Ropa Vieja a la Mexicana
Ranchero Beef
Tampiqueña Steak
Espinazo de Res
Tinga de Res
Steak Milanese
Chanfaina of Beef
Mexican Cazuela
Lamb Barbacoa

Mexican Picadillo
Mexican Style Flank Steaks
Meat in its juices
Bistec a la Mexicana
Guajillo Sauce Beef
Mexican-Style Beef
Adobo Skirt Steak
The Tinga from Chiapas

Con carne de Puerco (the pork recipes)

Carnitas Michoacán
Chilorio Sinaloense
Nopales with Pork
Chipotle Pork Fillets
Mexican Pork in Adobo
Mayan Poc-Chuc
Braised Pork Leg, Apatzingán Style
Pork Chile Verde
Chorizo and Nopales Casserole
Queso Relleno
Pork Mixiote
Pork Chilaxtle
Tatemado Pork Recipe
Pork in Escabeche
Discada Norteña
Chilayo from Colima
Chile de Oaxaca

Peanut Pork with Chiles
Marinated Pork Leg
Mango Stuffed Pork Tenderloins
Asado de Puerco
Chorizo Stuffed Tomatoes
Pork with Zucchini
Pork Shanks in Achiote
Pork Tenderloins in Peanut Sauce
Tamarind Sauce Pork Tenderloin
Chicharron Chile Verde with Nopal
Achiote Pork Chops
Chiapas-Style Roasted Pork

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