Recipe for the Chilayo from Colima (Chilayo Colimense)

This dish is part of the cuisine of Colima; it is pork meat, cooked with a spicy guajillo chile-based salsa. Very spicy and tasty, this recipe is another delicious example of a mexican pork recipe... The Chilayo from Colima is usually served with morisqueta rice. Enjoy!

Recipe for Chilayo Colimense


* 2 tablespoons of soaked rice
* 3 lb. of Pork Rib Loin cut, with ribs
* 1 pound of a fatty pork cut or lard (optional)
* 12 Chiles Guajillos, cleaned, opened and seeds removed
* 3 cloves of garlic
* 8 Green Tomatoes or tomatillos, cut in quarters
* Cumin and salt to taste


1) Cut the meat in individual ribs, wash and place in casserole. Add water, enough to cover the meat and cook over high heat setting until meat is cooked, or 30 minutes, taking care to remove the froth that forms over the water while cooking. Once the ribs are cooked take them out of the water and reserve in a bowl, save the broth for the next step.

2) Soak the guajillos chiles in about 5 cups of the broth we boiled the ribs in, and discard the rest of the water; if you did not wait long after taking the ribs out the broth should still be hot enough... Once the chiles have softened, blend them with the broth they soaked in, the raw peeled tomatillos, the garlic, cumin and salt and rice.

3) Pour this chiles and tomatillos mixture in a pot; put the ribs in that mixture and turn the heat back up. Bring the sauce to a boil then cover the pot tightly, and simmer for another 30 minutes. Before turning the heat down, make sure the meat is fully cooked: it should easily come off the rib bones.

Serve with morisqueta (recipe to follow); enjoy this recipe for Chilayo from Colima!

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