Mexican Pork Ribs in Mole Verde Recipe (costillas de puerco en mole verde)

Here is another nice recipe demonstrating a different way to prepare ribs, one of the ways people make ribs in Mexico. For convenience I put down as an ingredient here the store-bought mole verde paste as part of the recipe (which I liked very much), but if you wish to make your own Mole Verde (which can have better results) then please be my guest; but the homemade Mole will have to be made ahead of time, as it does require a bit of work.

The Ribs with Mole Verde:

Mexican Ribs in Mole Verde


1 bunch fresh cilantro
3 lb. pork back ribs
3/4 of cup of store-bought mole verde dry paste, or 8 oz. glass
(or make Mole Verde with this recipe)
extra-virgin olive oil
assorted spice of your choice
1 tablespoon dry chicken broth
salt to taste
Serve with mexican rice and mexican style black beans


1- Preparing the ribs
Prepare the ribs for cooking; discard excess fat, cut them as individual ribs;
Boil your ribs in enough water with a bit salt and the spices; leave them in boiling water for 30 minutes at least.

2- Preparing the Mole Verde
Pour the dry mole verde in a pot large enough to receive all the ribs later on; chop the fresh cilantro. Pour over the dry mole 6 glasses of water; I know the recipe on the label calls for 4 but stretching it to 6 won't hurt the recipe in this case, and you will need enough liquid to plunge your ribs in. Mix in the dry chicken broth. Bring to a boil while stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until the paste blends itself with the water, reduce the heat and simmer this over low fire for about 20 minutes.

3- Finish cooking the ribs
As the ribs have already cooked for 30 minutes (from step 1), transfer them one by one to the pot with the mole verde sauce and simmer for about 30 more minutes; discard the water they boiled in.

Arrange each plate with a few individual ribs and some mexican rice...

Buen provecho!

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