The mexican style Ropa Vieja

The "Ropa Vieja" dish in Mexico is made of crispy and spicy shredded beef accompanied by a sauce with onions and chiles ... served with chopped vegetables and sometimes the ropa vieja is served with Mexican rice.  Originating from Spain, this dish has many different versions across Latin America; but since it is also popular in Mexico, here is their interpretation of this dish!

Ropa Vieja plate

The Ropa Vieja:


• 3 lb. beef  flank (or any other cut good to braise)
• 2 onions cut into wedges
• 12 cloves garlic
• 1 carrot, peeled and chopped
• beef broth or beef bouillon cube
• 4 fresh poblano chiles, seeds removed and cut into strips
To serve with: corn tortilla, 2 tomatoes


Step 1. Using a pot, blend the beef broth in enough water; mix in the meat, add six minced garlic cloves, the carrot and salt and pepper. Allow this to boil, and add defoaming meat, cook for at least two hours (the meat has to be very well done). Turn off heat and leave in the cooking broth to cool down a bit.

Step 2. Meanwhile heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the onion with the rest of the garlic; when the onion has become translucent add the chile strips, cook for 10 minutes and reserve.

Step 3. Drain the meat and shred the meat with two forks.  In a skillet with hot oil fry the meat until golden crisp, season to taste; for this dish the meat has to be crisp.

Step 4. Serve on warmed corn tortillas, a little meat with the onion and chili sauce over it and then add chopped tomato, cilantro and limes as desired on top;

Enjoy your meal!

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