Tampiqueña Steak (Carne Asada a la Tampiqueña)

This authentic method for presenting and preparing steak was originally created in Tampico, by a certain Club owner in the fifties, but although not everybody agrees on exactly where the recipe came from, this mexican recipe has become one of the most representative dishes of Mexican cuisine internationally.

As we have said. this dish has originated in the town of Tampico, in the mexican state of Tamaulipas. In this recipe we roast the beef fillet, previously soaked in orange juice with slices of onion, creating a flavor that is enhanced as the meat gets cooked on the grill. The tradition is to serve this dish with entomatadas, refried beans and tortilla chips (totopos).

Tampiquena Steak from tamaulipas

The tampiquena steak, served... On the left you can see the messy tortillas, which have fried in the tomato sauce...

Mexican recipe for Tampiqueña Steak

Ingredients for 4 guests:

* 1 onion
* 3 ripe avocados
* Juice from 10 lemons or 5 oranges
* 1/2 lb. Manchego Cheese, or Monterey Jack
* 2 lb. Steak; the best Beef cut you can find...
* 3 Red Tomatoes
* 1 lb. fresh tortillas
* 2 Ancho or Chiles negros (dried pasilla negros)
* 3-4 Serrano chiles
* Salt to taste
* Vegetable Oil


1) Let your meat marinate in a mix of lemon or orange juices with salt. Allow it to marinate for 30 minutes or so; in the meantime, soak the chiles in hot water; once the chiles are tender roast and devein them.

2) With the same water used for soaking the chiles, blend the chiles along with the garlic, tomatoes and half the onion, using a blender. Then in a frying pan with a little oil, cook this sauce and reserve for later.

3) Mash the avocadoes with the back of a fork, mix them with lemon juice and cumin. Reserve.

4) Grill the meat (or broil in the oven) with very little oil, preferably on a charcoal grill and add salt to taste. Grill or broil only one side and pull out of the oven. Meanwhile, cut manchego cheese slices and reserve for the next step.

5) Flip the steaks over to ungrilled side; pour the chiles and tomatoes sauce over the steaks. Place one or two slices of serrano chile over this; now arrange cheese slices over the sauce. Put back in the oven or grill to cook the other side; broil for a few minutes or up until the steak is done. Once the meat has cooked, immediately arrange the 4 ingredients on a decorated large plate: where you place a folded tortilla, which you will have been previously dipped in the sauce, a slice of cooked steak with thinly chopped onions and some fresh tomato slices on the side. Put some avocado guacamole on the side and serve to your lucky guest!

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