Recipes for Chicken from Mexico

mexican chicken wings with salsa

The culinary bond between mankind and chicken goes back a very long time, at the chicken's expense, of course! Just like in any other culture on this earth, Mexico did not escape the deliciousness and convenience of using chicken in their dishes. Just one historical note however, no pre-colombian civilization had domesticated the chicken; but they did have the turkey. It was the europeans who showed the indigenous populations about our friend, the chicken...

Just like with all the other basic ingredients they touched, Mexicans have created some truly amazing and unique recipes... This section of our site about chicken mexican recipes tries to showcase the most important recipes with chicken, with a focus on bringing you what our western societies (and others) don't usually have, as what we like to do here is bring you interesting, delicious and different recipes; we have included a few irresistible mexican chicken wing recipes for you to try as well.