The Famous Mexican Burritos

Mexican Chicken Burrito

Some authentic mexican recipes actually do call for a wheat flour-made tortilla; the burrito would be the prime example of this. So what is a burrito? It is said that the burrito is a mexican dish from Ciudad Juarez, located in the northern mexican state of Chihuahua. Perhaps partly because of the wide availability of the wheat flour tortilla in the US and Canada, or even the fact many burrito restaurants have opened there, this dish has become quite popular in these countries; but it is still uncommon in Mexico itself. Some people perceive the burrito as a staple of mexican cuisine, but this is far from reality. Nevertheless, it is still mexican after all, and it tastes great; so I gladly accept to include these recipes here on my site!

If we translate the expression 'burrito' literally, it means 'little donkey'. How did this come to designate a flour tortilla wrapping up varied types of filling and cooked in many different ways? Well... one story from the mexican tradition says that once upon a time (mexican revolution period 1910-1920s) there was a man, called Juan Méndez who sold food on the street where he had a stand to sell his food merchandise. To avoid frying the food directly and to keep it warm, he had the idea to first wrap the food in a flour tortilla and fry that whole thing instead. The tortilla then would help keep the food warm inside. The story says he had so much success with his burrito recipes that he finally bought a small donkey so he could carry all the food he was going to sell to his stand for that day; his arms not being strong enough anymore to carry all these supplies. People noticed the donkey near the stand and started calling this meal 'comida del burrito' or food from the donkey! Years have passed since and the name 'burrito' remained...

Here are the best mexican burrito recipes you can try at home: meat burritos, chicken burritos, breakfast burritos, etc... Buen provecho!

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