Burritos Mangliteños

A burrito made with seafood, typical of Southern Lower California (the Baja). The nice thing about this recipe is that it also illustrates how to make homemade tortillas with flour, however these tortillas are slightly different.

Making these Burritos Mangliteños:

Ingredients for the tortillas:
* Three cups of wheat flour
* Four tablespoons butter, melted
* Half cup of cottage cheese
* One teaspoon of salt

Ingredients for the Seafood Stuffing:
* 1 lb. manta ray wings or white fish
* 1 lb. fresh shrimp, peeled
* 1 lb. fresh squid rings
* Two chopped onions
* Two chopped tomatoes
* Serrano chiles, to taste
* Butter as necessary for frying,
* Salt, pepper, oregano and lemon juice.


1) Making Homemade Flour Tortillas: mash the cottage cheese with the back of a fork; then in a bowl mix the flour, cottage cheese and salt; gradually add the butter with fingertips. When sitting sandy flour, gradually add milk.

2) Form a dough ball, which you can flatten and stretch with a rolling pin.

3) Knead small portions of dough by hand, then make tortillas with your fingertips and then by patting them. Cook the tortillas on the griddle or comal over low heat setting.

4) The Seafood Stuffing: pour some water in a pot and bring to a boil; please make sure you follow these steps as boiling times for seafood is very important (not enough time and your seafood won't be cooked, too much time and they become rubbery)

5) First put the manta ray wings in the boiling water, then after some thirty seconds put the shrimp in; after one minute with the shrimp in add the squid rings in the boiling water; boil everything together for one last minute until the shrimp is pink; that’s it your seafood is cooked…

6) Separately fry all the vegetables. Add this mixture to fish meat, which you will have previously shredded. Fry for five minutes then season with salt and oregano to taste.

Fill the tortillas and place on a platter. For a true mexican flavor, add a little lemon juice into the tortilla and accompany the burrito with salsa.

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