A recipe for vegetarian chimichangas

The Chimichanga is seen by many as being a type of meal by itself; but it is actually part of the larger burrito family. Seen as a mexican recipe, it really belongs to the Tex-Mex cuisine family, as it was first invented in the USA, but it was a mexican cook (!); and just like many Tex-Mex recipes it is now known and enjoyed on both sides of the US border.

Recipe for vegetarian chimichangas:


• 12 flour tortillas
• freshly grated Monterey Jack Cheese,
• 1 cup refried black Beans, or 2 cups if uncooked yet
• 2 ripe red tomatoes, diced,
• 1 chili chipotle or 2 for more spiciness (cut to small bits),
• 1 Onion, finely chopped
• Canola Oil which you will use to fry the food
• Salt, freshly ground pepper, to your taste.
• Enough red salsa as your guests like
• You can serve with sour cream also...


1. Pour three tablespoons of oil in your favorite frying pan; heat up the oil until it is ready, add in the onion bits and then add the tomato; fry until the onions are browned

2. Add salt and pepper to your taste, and reduce heat setting so that you make them simmer a little bit.

3. In a separate bowl, mix the (already cooked) beans, the grated cheese and the chipotle bits

4. To fill the chimichangas, spread two tablespoons of the mixture in every flour tortillas.

5. Fold them up neatly, use toothpicks to make sure they stay together nicely rolled up

6. Fry them in the warmed and ready canola oil; no more than 2 at a time.  As they are frying in the oil, turn them frequently so that each side gets fried evenly

7. Serve them on a nice service plate, with some tomato or red salsa on top, with some mexican rice and salad. You can also grate them for a different flavor as you like...

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