Tex-Mex Cuisine Recipes (Recetas de comida Tex-Mex)

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I have to confess I was in no hurry to create this Tex-Mex recipes section of this website; not that there is anything wrong with Tex-Mex food, well its just that it's not Mexican! That being said, this cuisine definitely has originated in Mexico, and it does have some amazing recipes... so here it is, for your convenience and culinary discoveries. As american history tells us, the present-day territory of Texas was once part of Mexico. Because of bad government decisions and the agressivity of the Comanche people, then living in the Texan plains, settling of Texas by the spanish themselves was very slow, so at the time of the secession of Texas from Mexico there were fewer mexicans in Texas than actual american settlers... the hispanic families who decided to stay in Texas after the secession had to adapt to a new american way of life; and of course having just lost this territory all ties between Texas and Mexico were cut off for a period of time.

The Mexicans who stayed in Texas adapted their precious recipes to the new ingredients available, and american settlers who had the chance to try this hispanic cuisine adopted the new ingredients that they liked; a new Tex-Mex cuisine and a rich new southern cultural identity emerged from this cultural blend.

The Steak Fajitas
The American Tacos
Shrimp Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas
Chili con Queso
Tex-Mex Style Chicken
Tex-Mex Style Spare Ribs
Chicken Guacamole Burrito
Grilled Steak Burrito
Tex-Mex Chicken Quesadillas
Layered Tex-Mex Dip
Tex-Mex Enchiladas
Tex-Mex Chipotle Hamburgers
Mexican Chicken Casserole

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