The authentic mexican sopes, and how to make them

Sopes on a plate

The Sopes (soh-pehz) are a large family of mexican snacks and appetizers, which are very popular in Mexico but almost completely unknown elsewhere in the world. Sopes can be found under many different names, varying region per region with names such as: Tlacoyos, Huaraches, Sopes, Pellizcadas, Picaditas, Garnachas, Salbutes and many more. Many of these recipes come directly and unchanged from the Aztec cuisine in the pre-colonial times... Of course all these sope recipes are all different from one to another and each one has its own personality. By all means, I encourage you to try and experiment with these; they are easy to make and the result will not disappoint you!

Making any recipes involving homemade dough can seem like an intimidating task to some, but I assure you the corn masa flour used in these mexican recipes is a pure joy to use...

a plate of memelas al pastor
Memelas al Pastor, a larger type of Sope
Black Beans Tlacoyos
Tlacoyos from Hidalgo
Chicken Sopes
Sope with Longaniza and Salsa
Huaraches with Meat
Seafood Huaraches
Picadas from Veracruz
Mexican Chalupas
Recipe for Panuchos
Gorditas de Picadillo

Yucatecan Salbutes
The Sopitos
Gorditas de Chicharròn
Chicharron Salsa Verde Gorditas
The Pellizcadas
Memelas Poblanas
Green Memelas with Chicken
Sopes Fiesta Table
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