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The Sopitos from Colima (Sopitos Colimenses)

The mexican recipes from Colima are well appreciated throughout Mexico; in addition to being nutritional, economical and easy to make, Colima has many mexican dishes to choose from: dishes such as tatemado, chilayo, and cuachala; very often you will encounter delicious snacks such as sopitos, white pozole, enchiladas, tamales de elote, ceniza or picadillo served with delicious cafe de olla or white atole.

An important thing when making sopitos, is that for this tortillas are made very thin and taken to fry ... and depending on your taste they can be served soft or crispy. We usually ask for tender. The special sauce is made with the beef broth, and separately the cooked meat is ground, preferably in a grinder or processor, that can chop the cooked ground meat very finely.

Easy Recipe for Sopitos


* Tortillas, thinnest and smallest you can find
* Oil or butter for frying
* 1 lb. ground beef
* 2 garlic cloves
* 1 sliced onion
* 1 bay leaf
* 1 teaspoon ground allspice
* 4 ripe tomatoes
* Salt and pepper to taste

Also have these handy when serving:
* Hot sauce, to taste
* Finely chopped lettuce or cabbage, cleaned
* Radishes
* Queso Añejo or Cotija cheeses, crumbled


1) Begin by shaping the meat in one huge meatball or 2 smaller ones, boiling the meat in just enough water to cover and 2 cloves of garlic, an onion piece, bay leaf, allspice and salt. When cooked, take out of the broth and blend (in blender or food processor) until the meat is very finely ground.

2) For the sauce boil the tomatoes in broth we got from cooking the meat (take out the onion, 1 garlic and bay leaf). Blend the tomatoes once they are cooked with a little beef broth and remaining garlic, salt and pepper. This red salsa should be very fluid, but have some taste (add more beef broth if necessary).

3) Fry the tortillas in oil or butter, up to the desired level, drain on paper towels to drain excess fat.

4) Spread some ground meat over the sopitos, then spread some salsa over to your taste and put lettuce, radishes and crumbled cheese. We serve and put hot salsa on the table so everyone can help themselves and dress their sopitos how they like them. A regular serving of sopitos is 6 in a large plate.

easy mexican recipes