Mexican recipe for chalupas (chalupas mexicanas)

The Chalupas are one of the so numerous dishes and snacks part of the Mexican "sope" family; basically think of them as deep fried corn masa dough circles or canoe shapes garnished with a variety of different toppings, but typically chalupas are thinner and crispier than other sopes. They should be smaller than tostadas and can be topped with pork, chicken, veal meat, vegetables and cheese. You will even find "chalupitas" in certain cities, served as even smaller appetizers. Chalupas are similar to tacos, since they use the same dough as for tortillas, but it is the deep frying process and the shape you give them that will set them apart. Let's see today a traditional recipe for Mexican chalupas and for ease of preparation we will use ready-made tortillas.

Recipe for mexican chalupas:


* 1/2 lb. of veal meat
* 1/2 lb. of green tomatoes
* 2 green chilis for sauce
* 8 corn tortillas
* enough canola oil which will be used for frying the tortillas
* half a medium-size onion
* 1 clove of garlic
* 1/2 roman lettuce
* enough grated cheese
* Salt and pepper


1) Make a salsa verde with the tomatoes, the onion, garlic, green chilis, salt and pepper: chop every vegetable from the list except the lettuce and then mix them all in a bowl.
Blend using the blender or food processor.

2) Cook the veal in a frying pan as for a well done steak. Cut the veal in strips with a very sharp knife.

3) In the same frying pan, heat up some canola oil to proper temperature.  Fry the tortillas until crisp, and drain them. They have now become what we call tostadas this way.

3) Shred the lettuce;

4) Place the fried tortillas or chalupas on 4 nice and colorful plates; garnish the chalupas with generous portions of the toppings we did above, beginning with the sauce,
followed by the meat and last sprinkle some grated cheese, accompanies finally with a few shreds of that lettuce.

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