The Tlacoyos from Hidalgo

The Tlacoyos... a mexican recipe that throws you right back to the times of the power of the Aztec empire... it is said that this is one of the first Aztec delicacies the Conquistadores could try upon arriving at mythic Tenochtitlan... A tlacoyo is a small but thick pancake made of nixtamalized corn flour dough (masa), filled with various basic ingredients such as pork, beans or cheese, and topped with some sour cream, cheese and salsa, plus cilantro and chopped onions; it belongs to the same family of mexican recipes as the sopes. It is considered as an appetizer by Mexicans, and in the state of Hidalgo the tlacoyos have become a very popular dish, and here is the special way how they prepare it.

Hidalgo Style Tlacoyos


* 2 lb. of corn masa (Nixtamal)
* 1 cup lard
* 10 Green Tomatoes
* 4 cups peas
* 1 sprig cilantro
* 2 Chiles Serranos, or more
* Salt to taste


1) First, cook the peas in water until they are tender. Strain, saving the water they cooked in then either mash or blend the peas to make a thick pea paste.

2) In a bowl large enough to knead the corn dough, mix the lard until completely incorporated.

3) Take a small ball of dough and stretch it to form an elongated and thick shape, then fill the center with mashed peas and fold; place the tlacoyo over wax paper over the counter and press it down by pressing it with another waxed sheet in the other hand; flatten it but try to keep the football shape that usually defined tlacoyos...

4) Cook the tlacoyos on a comal or griddle; once cooked then fry in a little bit of oil.

5) Meanwhile, peel the green tomatoes, then blend them with the serrano chiles with the water that you cooked the peas in. Add salt and fry in a skillet until cooked.

6) Decorate the tlacoyos with a delicious Chipotle Chile Sauce and sprinkle with thoroughly washed and chopped cilantro, then some crumbled cheese on top.

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