Make your own Sopes Fiesta Table!

An original and interesting idea you will not see often: why not host your guests with a mexican chicken sope table. A simpler form of a taquiza table: the concept is to prepare many empty sope shells ahead of time, then prepare all the toppings of your choice, and put a nice table together where everybody makes her or his own sopes according to her or his own preferences. I have seen this way of serving sopes in Michoacán. In this case here we serve the sopes with crema, cheese, red beans, pickled jalapenos, guacamole and chicken.

Preparing a Fiesta of Sopes:

Ingredients for 6 guests:

The sope shells
* 4 cups white corn flour,
* 2 and 1/2 cups water
* pinch of salt

The beans
* Red beans, cooked and seasoned with chicken stock
* A splash of water
* a pinch of garlic powder
* salt to your taste

The guacamole
* 2 large avocados
* 1 ripe red tomato, diced
* 2 slice of red onion finely chopped
* 2 sprig fresh cilantro, chopped
* 1 lime, pressed for its juice
* 1 tablespoon olive oil
* salt, to your taste

* 2 lb. chicken, cooked then chopped

Other toppings:
* 1 Bowl Crumbled mexican cheese
* 1 Bowl Mexican crema
* 1 small can pickled jalapenos
* Some Mexican Salsa Roja


1) We start by preparing the dough for our sopes by mixing the ingredients until we get a smooth dough that does not stick to hands.

Let’s make the sope shells: heat up a nonstick skillet. It must be very hot or the dough will stick.

2) Shape the sopes first as thick flat circles that are much smaller than tortillas (ideally use a tortilla press). Place the flat sope on the hot pan, and while thie first one fries continue making more flat shells.

3) As the dough is toasted on one side, take them away from the pan and pinch the edge towards the toasted side, in the traditional sope shape. Put the raw side towards the pan and fry until it is nicely fried; repeat this step until all the dough is spent.

4) Mash the red beans with a fork adding two tablespoons of water. Season with a little salt and garlic powder and reserve.

5) Now we turn to making our guacamole: mash the green avocado flesh with a fork adding the lime juice as you mash. Once mashed, add the remaining ingredients and mix. Cover and keep the guacamole in the refrigerator.

6) Last, we are ready to fry the sopes in hot oil and using a deep fryer, which will give them a nice crunchy texture and will help bring out the taste of corn. This step is optional, you can also choose not to deep fry them as they are already cooked.

Prepare the table, with all the empty sope shells in a large presentation bowl at the center, surrounded by all the toppings and … enjoy!

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