The picadas from Veracruz

The cuisine from Veracruz has many happy culinary surprises in store for us; among them the "picadas", which are popular snacks that are part of the sopes family. Picadas are the name for sopes that you will sometimes encounter in the Mexican states along the Gulf Coast. Picadas are essentially made the same way as Sopes but what changes is the different toppings that vary from one region to another.

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Sopes from Veracruz, or Picadas

Recipe for the Picadas from Veracruz


* 2 lb. corn flour or masa
* 2 lb. of beef or chicken
* 1 cup crumbled Queso Añejo cheese
* 5 tomatoes
* 4 Serrano Chiles
* Vegetable Oil
* 1 onion
* 1 clove garlic
* 2 cups refried beans
* Salt to taste


1) Cook slowly in a pot the beef or chicken with enough water to cover, with an onion split in four, garlic and salt to taste. Once cooked, shred the meat with two forks and put aside.

2) On a large enough flat surface, combine the masa with salt and water. Add the water gradually, while kneading until the desired consistency is attained... Once the dough is ready, take some little balls of dough and flatten them by pressing them between 2 waxed papers; but they should be much thicker than a regular tortilla.

3) Before the tortillas are completely cooked, carefully pinch the edges to create a higher rim around the small tortilla.

4) While still warm, spread with the refried beans, pre-heated and then over that a thin layer of sauce. Then add the shredded meat and covered with crumbled Añejo cheese.

If you wish you can also add sliced onions. Enjoy your picadas from Veracruz!

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