The mexican Taquitos, also sometimes called Flautas

Flautas or taquitos plate

This family of snack dishes is different enough from the other tortilla based specialties such as tacos or enchiladas to allow us to make a whole section dedicated to these recipes. The flautas, also known as "Taquitos" (diminutive of the word taco in spanish) or even "taco dorado" is an authentic Mexican dish that is also very popular in other latin countries such as Puerto Rico. It consists of a small tortilla (6 inches in diameter) that is rolled up tightly with some kind of pulled meat filling. The term flautas implies that it is typically made with a wheat flour tortilla, while taquitos refers usually to the ones made with a real corn tortilla. Once filled, the rolled tortillas are fried in hot oil, to a crisp. There are many different ways for preparing taquitos, depending on the region; the most common filling is the small beef cubes stuffing; also frequently used are veal or chicken, then you also sometimes have just cheese, pork, potatoes or even salad. Taquitos are sometimes served for breakfast, accompanied by french fries or even eggs.

The taquitos are also often sold ready-made in the frozen food section of certain grocery stores; people serve this mexican appetizer in many different ways; they can include some cabbage or lettuce on the same plate, with sour cream, guacamole, green or red chile salsa and some mexican crumbled cheese, but to people living outside Mexico cheddar-like cheeses like Monterrey Jack and cheddar are also a nice topping.

Flautas with beef
Beef and Tomatillos Taquitos
Chicken Flautas
The Codzitos
The Dogfish Taquitos
Taquitos from Laguna
Silao-style Taquitos
Shrimp Flautas

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