Basic beef flautas recipe (Flautas de carne)

Flautas are like taquitos, but made with wheat flour tortillas instead. In spanish, flauta means flute; so the name of this dish comes from the thin, elongated shape of them. The meat used in this mexican recipe has to be completely shredded, as thinly as possible, so it will be easy to roll the tortillas tightly. This is a basic recipe for beef flautas... we will post other, different recipes in this section of the site.

Mexican Recipe for Beef Flautas

Ingredients for 4 guests:

16 wheat flour tortillas, about 6" in diameter
2 lb. beef, any economical beef roast cut will do
2 teaspoons dried basil
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon dried oregano
Two Onions, chopped very finely
2 cloves of garlic
1 serrano Chile (more if you want a hotter taste)
Lettuce, shredded
Salt and pepper, to taste
Tomatoes for serving
Canola oil for frying
2 toothpicks per tortilla


The preparation of this Mexican recipe is easy and simple; it only requires some planning ahead so that you can marinate and slow-cook the meat.

For good results it is best to start preparing it the day before you plan to serve the flautas, so that you have time to marinate the meat that you will have chosen, and then slow-cook the meat. This will ensure it is tender and easy to shred.

Marinate the meat in a preparation of vinegar, crushed garlic and olive oil, for 7 hours. When the time is up, cook the meat slowly for 2 hours in the oven in its marinade, at 200 ˚F.

Once the meat is cooked, we then shred the beef with a fork to a skillet, add one of the very finely chopped onions, the very finely chopped serrano chile(s) and the cumin. Cook over medium heat until the onions are cooked. Your meat should now look like a semi-liquid stew, once everything is cooked. Pull the skillet with the meat away from the stove.

We begin now putting the filling in the tortillas by putting on each tortilla a row of meat in the center; roll them up tightly and pin them with 2 toothpicks to make sure they stay rolled up nicely.

In a skillet with about half an inch of canola oil on the bottom; we heat up the oil to temperature; we place the flautas and fry them in batches, about 2 minutes per side, then place them over kitchen paper towels to remove the excess oil. Let them stand for about 10 minutes then remove their toothpicks; they should keep their shape.

Place on a plate and cover with shredded lettuce, to give color add the tomato, more onions and some nice salsa if you have.

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