Taquitos from Laguna (Taquitos Laguneros)

The Laguna metropolitan area is a highly populated region in Mexico; it includes the cities of Torreón, Matamoro, Gómez Palacio, Ciudad Lerdo and many more; this region spans over two states, Durango and Coahuila. The taquitos from this region are well known all over Mexico and are frequently seen on take-out menus of fast food restaurants. They are called taquitos laguneros (sometimes tacos laguneros), but actually they are a cross between tacos and enchiladas…

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Recipe for the Laguna Taquitos


* 24 small corn tortillas
* 1 big white onion, sliced in strips
* 10 poblano chiles, roasted, peeled and deveined
* 2 tomatoes, roasted then ground and strained
* 1 cup crumbled queso fresco
* 2 cups of cream (mexican crema if you can find)
* Butter for frying
* 1/2 cup canola oil for frying the tortillas
* Salt and pepper to taste


1) Roast the tomatoes and the poblano chilies in the oven on a baking sheet in the oven; when they are charred all over, take out and blend to liquefy the tomatoes. Peel the poblanos, and slice them in strips (rajas).

2) In a hot pan with some melted butter, fry the onion strips until slightly brown. Add the poblano chile strips. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from the pan, drained of any excess fat and reserve.

3) In the same butter you fried the onions in simmer the blended ​​tomatoes and simmer to let the tomatoes reduce a bit. Put the onion and poblano strips back in the pan.

4) Heat up your pan with a bit of canola oil; in it slightly fry the tortillas. Fill with the tomatoes and vegetables mixture and roll; some prefer placing just the poblano and onion strips inside while covering them with the tomato sauce.

Arrange each plate by placing 4 filled “taquitos” on each plate, then pouring a bit of crema over and topping with crumbled queso fresco.

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