Shrimp Flautas recipe (Flautas de Camarones)

Flautas are just like Taquitos, except they use wheat flour tortillas rather than the traditional corn ones; they were named flautas because of their slender shape as this word in spanish means "flutes". Here is an easy recipe to make fried flautas, this time stuffed with shrimp inside.

Shrimp flautas recipe:


* 12 small wheat flour tortillas
* 1 lb. peeled uncooked shrimp
* 1 tablespoon butter
* Salt and pepper to taste
* 2 chipotle peppers with some adobo from the can, minced
* 1 onion, finely chopped
* 1 teaspoon cumin
* oil, as needed
* 1 clove garlic, to be pressed in


1) Fry the shrimp in a skillet for two minutes with butter, and once cooked put on the cutting board,

2) Finely chop and mix all the above ingredients, including the shrimp; season with cumin, salt and pepper, then mix with softened butter and put back in the skillet, press in the garlic and slightly fry everything for the flavours to combine.

3) Lay the small flour tortillas flat, then put a little of the mixture we have just prepared at their center, now wrap as tightly as you can, without making them crack, to small rolls and use 2-3 toothpicks to make each tortilla keep its shape.

4) Fry them individually, in enough hot oil in a deep pan, just enough to give them a perfect brown shade, careful not to over fry them.

Remove toothpicks, serve while hot with a little accompanying salad of your choice…

a hot pepper

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