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Salsas and Tortillas
The term 'salsa' in spanish refers to a sauce in general; however in english when we speak of a salsa (the culinary term, not the dance!) many see some kind of red latin sauce or nacho dip. Mexicans will tell you themselves: salsas are an essential part of every mexican meals, not just for nachos! A mexican dish served without salsa is as unimaginable in Mexico as an american restaurant table without salt and pepper... One frequently encountered mexican salsa goes the name of 'pico de gallo', and this reflects a variety of regional sauces, which often include fruits and fresh diced vegetables. The refreshing pico de gallo salsa is frequently served with many Mexican dishes.

As opposed to many "traditional" european sauces or any asian fixed protocol with a pre-defined recipe that can't be changed, even the most authentic mexican salsa is of a more flexible nature... basically these salsa recipes are presented only as guidelines to salsas that are known to be delicious, but no profesional mexican cook will ever limit himself or herself to any official recipe... that's not the way things work in Mexico! What official recipe, anyways? There are only two rules in making a mexican salsa: it has to taste great and it has to enhance and blend itself with the taste of the meal they will accompany so that together they will form an indissoluble whole.

You are invited to browse through our mexican salsa recipes we have presented here and choose one to try today!

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