The Chihuahua Cheese Salsa

This salsa is a traditional salsa from the Chihuahua state; its featured ingredient is the Chihuahua cheese, naturally. The authentic chihuahua cheese is also known as the Mennonite cheese in Mexico, as it was Mennonite communities who first made cheese this way in northern Mexico. This cheese is made from whole milk (pasteurized), subjected to a curding process, then drained, fermented, salted, pressed and aged for a minimum of 7 days at specific temperatures and humidity levels. There are different Chihuahua cheeses which differ from one another, ranging from a hard texture all the way to soft, with or without crust, always depending on the process and maturation time which can range from a few days to several weeks. Unlike most Mexican cheeses, its pasta is yellow instead of the usual white, this cheese melts easily and goes well in quesadillas, choriqueso and empanadas.

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Making Salsa de Queso Chihuahua:


* 5 ancho dry chiles
* 3 guajillo chiles
* 1/2 lb. Chihuahua cheese
* 1 big onion
* 1 Bunch of mexican “hierbas de olor”, or equivalent spices
* Olive oil
* Vinegar, amount as needed
* Salt to taste


1) Wash the chiles and separate their seeds, then cut them with scissors in very small strips. In a skillet,  fry the thinly sliced onion with hot oil.

2) When the onion is transparent, add the chiles and fry some more; when the chiles are fragrand, pour everything to your blender, add two tablespoons of vinegar, the seeds, more oil if necessary and blend to thoroughly liquefy.  Pour this salsa back to the skillet, put the herbs in, the grated chihuahua cheese and simmer everything for 10 to 15 minutes.

3)  After this time, remove from heat, allow to cool down; season with salt and only remove the herbs bouquet right before serving.

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