The unmistakably mexican enchiladas

A good serving of "enmoladas", one of the typical presentations for enchiladas in the city of Puebla ...

The enchiladas is certainly one of the first names between all of the authentic mexican dishes that come to mind when thinking about mexican food. The word "enchilada" is spanish past participle conjugation of the verb 'enchilar' which means 'to add chiles to'; yes chiles are so important in Mexico they even have a verb for using them!  Almost everybody likes the enchilada's rich taste and originality, in Mexico and elsewhere. Enchiladas are a safe choice when looking for a mexican dish to serve to guests whose preferences you do not know so well.

The enchilada is a mexican dish whose origin can be traced back far as the mexican mesoamerican era; it is composed of one or more corn tortillas trimmed, rolled around some kind of stuffing, then covered with a spicy sauce. The tortillas used in enchiladas in general are slightly fried before getting filled; the stuffing used inside features in general some shredded meat, and very often chicken (al pollo), especially in Mexico. It is also very often filled with refried beans or "frijoles refritos", shrimps, pork, etc. In certain culinary traditions, the enchilada is also browned or grated with cheese in the oven.  Being a more elaborate mexican dish, Enchiladas can be a festive meal in Mexico, as they require a bit more work from the Chef and are often served on special occasions...

We have gathered here the best mexican recipes for enchiladas you can try at home with common ingredients available at the supermarket and your closest latin store; each recipe has its story and origins with some being very ancient, and they are all very different from one to the other...

Enchiladas Verdes
Guajillo Enchiladas
The Swiss Enchiladas
Basic Enchilada with Chiles
Red Cotija-style Enchiladas
Enchiladas Tapatías
Enchiladas de Pollo al Mole
Black Bean Enchilada
Enchiladas Tamaulipecas
Enchiladas from Querétaro
Enchiladas Placeras
Chicken & Black Beans Enchiladas
Enchiladas Potosinas
Italian Enchiladas with Tomatoes
Enchiladas Tapatías #2
Enchiladas Colimenses
Chicken Enmoladas
Enchiladas from Tabasco
Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas
Shrimp and Cream Cheese Enchiladas
Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
Envueltos de Mole
Avocados Enchiladas
The Enchiladas from Tula
Enchiladas Zacatecanas

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