The recipe for basic enchiladas with chiles

Reading the actual meaning of enchilada in spanish, saying chile enchilada would be a bit of a pleonasm; this is one of the mexican recipes we know that is the basic enchilada after which all the other enchilada variations were made. So, in this page we cover again our site's favorite dishes; for this occasion let's look at basic stuffed tortillas with eggs and chiles.

chiles enchiladas
The enchiladas being placed in a pan, ready for some sauce, cheese and the oven...

Recipe for the chiles enchilada, basis for all enchiladas!


– Enough corn tortillas
– 4 ancho chiles and
- 4 guajillo chiles.
– 4 eggs, onion and a chunk of butter.
– 1 cup of grated orange cheddar cheese.
- some extra-virgin olive oil
- your favorite sauce to cover the enchiladas

To prepare this recipe we will first prepare the chiles, we chop them to small bits and clean them; mix them with the cut onion and garlic.

We then add a little bit of that extra-virgin olive oil. At this point we will add the fried eggs this way: simply we can throw in 4 eggs to our chiles/onion mixture, then add a little bit of water.

Mix constantly as the eggs cook so they come out scrambled with the rest of the ingredients.

In a separate pan we fry the tortillas in a little bit of oil, so they become pliable.

With those fried tortillas we wrap them around the filling that we have just prepared. Over this tortilla we pour some sauce, then sprinkle grated cheese and cut onion if we like.

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