The recipe for Enchiladas Potosinas

This is the mexican recipe for the enchiladas potosinas, a renowned dish that was created in the city of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, part of the State of San Luis Potosi. It consists of blending the chiles Guajillos along with masa for tortillas, which are then filled with a combination of chiles and cheese to create this well-known dish to which all the residents of San Luis Potosi will associate with. These enchiladas are very close to actually being empanadas; the main difference is that empanada recipes do not usually use corn masa. These do look like empanadas, being folded in two and their edges sealed as they are; but they are enchiladas...

Recipe for Enchiladas Potosinas

Ingredients for 4 guests:

* 2 lb. of corn masa (Nixtamal)
* 1 lb. of Queso Añejo cheese (can be substituted with feta or extra old cheddar)
* 5 Guajillo Chiles
* 1 tablespoon lard or vegetable oil
* 6 Chiles Poblanos
* 1 onion
* 3 large red tomatoes
* Vegetable Oil
* 1/2 cup Cream
* Salt to taste
* Guacamole, to accompany this dish
* Few more slices of cheese to accompany as well,
* 1/2 Romaine Lettuce head


1) Soak the Guajillo chiles in hot water for 10 minutes and then take out their seeds and veins. Blend the soaked chiles with 1/4 cup of the water used to soak them, and then mix all this with the masa, add about half the grated Queso Añejo we have, a pinch of salt and oil or lard; as you are mixing the masa with the guajillo salsa you can add more water from soaking the chiles to ensure the masa is moist and has the desired texture.

2) Now that our masa is ready, prepare and cook tortillas on a griddle or skillet; naturally a real tortilla press is the preferred tool for this step! Once you are done, we will turn to preparing the stuffing for our enchiladas potosinas.

3) Empty the tomatoes from their seeds, then the poblano chiles and chop them raw.

4) Chop the onion and fry it with oil, add chopped peppers and tomatoes, cook until the onion crystallizes .

5) Add the other half of the grated Queso Añejo cheese we had, or its substitute, and mix gently; then let everything rest.

6) Fill the tortillas with the preparation and fold them in two, the same way as for quesadillas. If you are going to serve them another day, this is the perfect time to put them away and finish the rest on that day.

7) Many prefer these enchiladas fried; if you would rather not, skip this step. Next, use your favorite large skillet and bring about 6 oz. fresh oil to heat. Once the oil is ready, gently fry the enchiladas potosinas for a short period of time; or around 2 minutes per side. Place them over kitchen towels to drain the excess oil.

8) Serve the enchiladas potosinas over the lettuce leaves with some sour cream and tomatoes on top and guacamole on the side...

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