Enchiladas with guajillo chile and chicken (Enchiladas de Chile Guajillo con pollo)

A delicious classic mexican recipe for guajillo enchiladas, where the red coloration derives from blending guajillo chiles in the sauce, and the red tomatoes of course. In Mexico, these enchiladas can be called enchiladas rojas or enchiladas de chile guajillo...

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red mexican enchiladas

Recipe for Enchiladas with Guajillo Chile and Chicken

Ingredients for 8-10 guests:

· 40 tortillas
· One whole chicken
· 12 guajillo chiles, deveined and seeded
· 2 ripe red tomatoes
· A large garlic clove
· salt
· A lettuce thinly shredded
· 1 onion coarsely chopped
· 1 onion, sliced
· 2 tomatoes, coarsely chopped
· Crumbled queso fresco or panela cheese
· Mexican crema, or sour cream
· Canola Oil for frying

As side to this dish:
· Black beans or refried beans (seasoned with salt and fresh cilantro leaves)
· Peppers in vinegar


1) Cook the chicken in just enough boiling water to cover it. After about 40 minutes, check that the chicken is ready and tender. Reserve 2 cups of the broth and take the chicken out. Debone the chicken, then cut its meat finely down to shreds. Reserve.

2) Place the chiles in a saucepan with the chopped tomatoes and coarsely chopped onion with two cups of the chicken broth, simmer over medium heat until the tomatoes are cooked and the chiles are fragrant. Allow your chiles with tomatoes to cool down slightly before the next step;

3) Blend the chiles guajillos with the tomatoes, onion, garlic, salt and the chicken broth they were cooked in; blend thoroughly to liquefy, until there are very few solid chunks left. Pour this guajillo salsa in a saucepan and cook to reduce it for a few minutes. Season with salt; turn down the heat and keep warm.

4) In another large skillet heat up about 1/2 inch of oil. Fry each tortilla, one by one, and when they start to become golden and crispy, stack them on a plate on the side.

5) When you are finished cooking the tortillas, now its time to start preparing each individual plates. We will put 4 enchilada rolls on each plate; holding the fried tortillas with kitchen tongs, first dip them in the guajillo salsa, then lay them flat on the plate. Place some chicken at the middle of the fried and salsa soaked tortillas; I also put 1 tablespoon refried beans inside each one with the chicken; then roll them up...

6) Once we have rolled up 4 enchiladas on a plate, sprinkle the crumbled cheese over, then some cream over the top; after put some slices of onions then finally place some shredded lettuce over everything. Repeat these steps until all your plates are ready.

Serve your guajillo chiles enchiladas with chicken accompanied by black beans or totopos and pickled chiles...

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