Had your Vitamin T today?

a sliced torta

In Mexico, some will humorously say that many of their staple dishes starting with a T are an essential part of the mexican diet; we are referring to Tacos, Tortillas, Tostadas, Tinga and of course Tortas, all part of the vitamin T diet! The Tortas are another aspect, sometimes neglected, yet still important from the traditional mexican food cookbook, and Tortas are part of their collection of delicious sandwiches. In Mexico there are many types of sandwiches, and to Mexicans they are as important as the Tacos... Each sandwich is made following a certain loose set of rules, more of less arranged in a specific fashion, with recipes varying per region or family. The interesting thing is that these mexican sandwich recipes are about as old as Mexico itself; they started in Spain and have evolved with the historical events that shaped the country… so this makes these sandwiches qualify as “traditional food”!

Do not let the fact that many dishes of this type of mexican food are sold as street food fool you… the large family of mexican sandwiches is quite worthy of our interest and respect; many are nothing but amazingly delicious! So in this section we will take a closer look at this overlooked part of the mexican cuisine.

First and foremost anyone who has been to Mexico will remember of the Pambazos and the Tortas, but then you have the Cemitas, the Lonches, the Pelonas, the Chanclas… a whole new dimension of mexican dishes opens up when exploring this. And the good news is that most of these recipes are not tremendously complex and can easily be reproduced right from your own kitchen… a whole new approach on the classic sandwich!

a Pambazo sandwich with fries

The Famous Torta Ahogada
Cemitas from Puebla
Chanclas Poblanas
Pambazo with chorizo and potatoes
Chicken Chipotle Crema Torta
The Panes Compuestos from Chiapas
Torta Cubana

Chicken Torta
The Pelonas from Puebla
Jalisco-Style Lonches
Pork Leg Meat Lonches
The Guacamayas from León
Tortas de la Barda
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