The Pelonas from Puebla (Pelonas poblanas)

Puebla is a mexican city that stands out not only for its distinctive cuisine, but because of the wide variety of both sweet and savory breads from its bakeries; the Pelonas are a type of mexican sandwich, made with a bread roll that is very close to the bolillos, but then they are fried and filled with refried beans and beef or chicken, then lettuce, sour cream and salsa. Its name is attributed to the texture and appearance that has the bread is delicious bald, which originated in ancient times, with the arrival of the Spanish in what is now Mexico.

The wheat, one of the main agricultural products that landed in Mexico at the time of the spanish conquest, combined with the creativity of the bakers and chefs of the time, allowed them to prepare various tasty dishes, among them came the pelonas.

For several years the pelonas have seen several changes, since they are garnished with different ingredients today when compared with how people did initially; initially tinga and even mole were used, but the pelonas have evolved and enjoy now a preparation that distinguishes them from all other Mexican dishes.

Recipe for the Pelonas Poblanas


* Pelona rolls (can be substituted for bolillos, without sesame)
* Refried beans
* Shredded beef or pork, with as little fat as possible
* Salsa Roja
* Sour Cream or mexican-style crema


1) Slice the rolls in the middle, then fry them in a little bit of butter, until they reach a golden color; the bread of the Pelonas has the advantage that despite being fried it is not supposed to absorb that much fat.

2) After being fried, spread some refried beans, place the lettuce leaves over, a generous amount of shredded beef, salsa and top it all with sour cream

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