How to make Tortas Cubanas

The Torta Cubana sandwich has nothing to do with Cuba… it is 100% mexican; you can order this torta in the capital, or the DF, where it is very popular. To say it in simple terms, this is probably the biggest and thickest of all mexican sandwiches you can order! Basically its a sandwich made usually with some carnitas Michoacán pork meat and 1-2 different other types of meat, ham, cheese, avocados and often many other condiments…

Recipe for the Torta Cubana


* 5 Telera of bolillo type bread rolls
* 2 lb. of pork Carnitas Michoacan style
* 5 Turkey ham slices, in thick slices
* 5 Thick slices of mexican white cheese (Chihuahua)
* 1 lb. Mexican chorizo ​​
* 1 Sliced Onion
* 1 Sliced ​​tomato
* 1 Can of pickled carrots
* 1 Can of pickled jalapenos
* 1/2 cup thick cream
* Butter, Mayonnaise, Mustard


1) Fry the chorizo sausages while breaking them up, then fry the slices of ham in a skillet with a little oil on one side are left to simmer in the same pan and fry the onion, heat the carnitas meat.

2) Spread butter on both bread halves, then spread some mayonnaise and mustard also on each side, arrange the pork carnitas meat over the bottom part, then the ham immediately after, the Chihuahua cheese, chorizo​​, onions, tomatoes and the last one tablespoon cream.

Served with pickled peppers and carrots on the side.

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