Making Delicious Mexican Albóndigas!

Albondigas are meatballs; a traditional dish from Spain, which themselves were taught to the Spaniards by the Arabs who had invaded and occupied the land from A.D. 798 until 1492... and happily for everyone, the tradition of making these Albondigas carried over to Mexico as well.

Enough history for now; albondigas are another essential and delicious part of mexican cuisine... they can be served as appetizers or main course dishes, in a sauce or as-is. I brought you here the recipes I liked best to make them. The funny thing that happens with mexican albondigas is that all cooks will tell you they know the official recipe to make them, yet if you compared their recipes they would all be significantly different! The only truth is that there are many ways to make albondigas as you are about to find out...

Ready to bake albondigas

Chipotle Albóndigas recipe
Albóndigas in Salsa Verde
Fish Albóndigas
Almond Sauce Albóndigas
Orange Albóndigas
Chicken Albóndigas Soup
Mexican Albondigón
Albóndigas Casserole
Salmon Albóndigas
Albóndigas Chile Pasilla Sauce
Veal Albóndigas in Tomato Sauce
Meatballs With Nopal
Healthy Vegan Albóndigas
Albondigón In Almond Sauce
Tomato Sauce Chicken Albóndigas
Sinaloa Albóndigas
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