Tofu Albóndigas (Albóndigas de Tofu)

I feel ready to try different types of food... and particuliarily ready to attempt to add more healthy and good meat-less recipes to my repertoire... Making Albóndigas with Tofu is easy and can help us step out of our comfort zone to try something vegan, as tofu is a healthy alternative to animal protein; just serve these tofu albóndigas with a salsa of your choice. If you want the tofu meatballs to be a little more crunchier we can make this recipe with chickpea flour instead.

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The Tofu Albóndigas


* 1/2 lb. fresh tofu block
* Breadcrumbs
* Garlic and parsley
* 1 tablespoons soy sauce
* 1 carrot, cooked
* 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds
* White flour
* Enough Oil for frying


1) Grate the carrot and squeeze out as much juice as you can from it; separately crumble the tofu with a fork, then add the carrot to the tofu; mash everything together.

2) After, slightly brown the minced garlic with a little bit of parsley, the bread crumbs, sesame seeds and the soy sauce.

3) Mix everything together, this should give you a thick dough. Shape the dough into meatballs; if the dough is too liquid, add a little flour and mix.

4) Tofu meatballs will be fragile at this point and will easily break up; to avoid breaking them up line the bottom of a bowl with a bit of flour and roll each albondiga in the flour by moving the bowl until it is covered in flour.

5) Heat up 1 inch deep of oil in a pan and fry the albóndigas until golden brown. Remove the tofu meatballs when done and place on a tray with absorbent paper to drain out the excess oil.

Serve, with your favorite mexican salsa!

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