The very traditional mexican 'Mole'

Mole, today pronounced 'Molay', refers to different sauces that are very characteristic of Mexico, and it's ancient Mesoamerican heritage.  Moles are thick sauces used over chicken or turkey, also used in many different dishes such as in enchiladas, tamales, tacos de mole etc...; an authentic Mole usually has a long ingredient list and takes time to make. The word itself comes from the náhuatl language, which is the mother-tongue of the Aztecs.  In náhuatl, mulli or  molli means concoction; and from this Aztec word, "mole" today has become a generic word used to describe the numerous variants of this thick mexican sauce. 

The interesting thing about mole is that many people from the US or Europe have never tasted anything like it.  The most well-know Mole is probably the Mole Poblano or the Mole Negro from Oaxaca; there is also the mole verde for those who might not like the idea of chocolate in a sauce, but there are many more. Please naviguate through this page to learn more about this mexican delicacy... read each recipe and see which one you would like to try.  Ingredient availability could be problematic in certain areas as you might not find all the different kinds of chiles and ingredients.

a plate of mole served over chicken

The Mole Poblano
Mole Almendrado
Chicken Pipián
Pipián Verde
Mole Ranchero
Niguijuti or Mole of Pork
Salsa Mole

From the Famous 7 Moles of Oaxaca:

Mole Negro from Oaxaca
Mole Verde (green Mole)
Mole Rojo (the red Mole)
Mole Coloradito from Oaxaca
Mole Chichilo

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