Green Pipián with Chicken (muslos de pollo en pipián verde)

Today a traditional recipe from the central region of Mexico, the Distrito Federal; with this simple recipe we will prepare a very valid and delicious traditional dish with chicken breasts in a green pipián. Pipián is part of the mole family of dishes, there are mainly two main types: Pipián Roja and this one presented here, the Pipián Verde. This recipe is similar to the Mole Verde but it is much simpler and quicker to make.

Chicken with Pipián Verde:

Ingredients for 4 guests:

* 6 boneless chicken thighs, sliced in half
* 2.2 lb. [1 Kg] green tomatoes (tomatillos)
* 1 yellow onion, peeled and coarsely chopped
* 2 green serrano chilies, coarsely chopped
* 2 cloves garlic, peeled
* 1 and 1/2 cup peeled pumpkin seeds
* 2 black peppercorns
* Oil for frying
* Salt to taste


1) The first thing to do to prepare our chicken in green pipián is to cook the chicken with enough water, seasone with a little salt and pepper, and we must be careful to keep the resulting chicken broth, because we will need it in the last steps of this recipe.

2) Pour a little bit oil in a skillet, heat it up then pour in the peeled pumpkin seeds. Fry the seeds at high heat setting, for a few minutes: careful not to burn them.

3) When we have well fried our pumpkin seeds, it is now time to blend them in your blender, accompanied by the 2 serrano chiles, the 2 cloves garlic, the onion, all the green tomatoes and the black peppercornss. Blend to liquefy; this mixture will be our basic green pipián.

4) Pour the green pipián back to the skillet over medium-low heat setting, and little by little pour in the chicken broth until the desired sauce thickness is reached (on the thick side, but not too thick). Stirring constantly bring to a boil.

5) When your pipián boils, we put in the chicken breasts and more chicken broth if the sauce has become again too thick. Season with salt to taste. Let the chicken simmer in the green sauce, stirring constantly for about 3 minutes.

Turn off the stove, we are ready to serve our dish, by serving this dish with some white rice and refried beans on the side...

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