Mexican Seafood, and Mexican Fish Recipes

In spanish, seafood is called 'mariscos'; the spaniards having being strongly connected to the sea throughout their history, it is not surprising to see today the importance of fish and seafood in recipes from Spain and South America; and among those countries of course Mexico is no exception.  Among the seafood ingredients favored in Mexico we frequently see the shrimp and octopus, which are considered the base ingredients for the preparation of many different mexican seafood dishes.  Every coastal mexican state has its seafood specialty and because Mexico has a particuliarly long coastline this means of course that there are many seafood specialties to choose from!  As an example. in Baja California, people are used to eat fish tacos or quesadillas with corn tortillas and shrimp...

Devil's Shrimp (a la diabla)
Chipotle shrimp with avocados
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
Mexican Fish in Adobo
Mexican Paella
Chilies stuffed with Tuna
Crab Legs Chilpachole
Pescado a la Veracruzana
Mexican Calamari
Tamarind Shrimp
Fish with Squash Blossoms
Veracruz Octopus
Seafood Stuffed Chiles
Soup of the Seven Seas
Mexican Style Lobster
Sonora-style Cahuamanta
Mexican-style Clams
The Mariscada
Octopus and shrimp soup
Tequila Shrimp
Mexican Style Cod
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