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Yucatecan recipes play an important part in the mexican cuisine cookbook, although they have their own distinct style that is contrasting when compared to other Mexican food recipes from the other parts of the country. This cuisine is a combination of French, Caribbean, Spanish and Maya recipes... Many mysteries surround the ancient mayan civilization... even today historians still do not agree on what caused their downfall; but while the mayan civilization has ceased to exist as an organized society the mayan people have continued to perpetuate many aspects of their culture and their traditions such as their language and their food. Which is what this section of this mexican food website wants to bring you.

Naturally many among the best mexican recipes in use today derive from mayan cuisine, such as tamales and tortillas which were made since a long time ago, then one can't help notice that the Yucatan peninsula's cuisine has its own idea about mexican food. Some of the more elaborate mexican dishes such as the cochinita pibil, atole, pozole and many more come from Yucatan and are today enjoyed throughout Mexico; then there are more dishes that are exclusively made there.  Mayans are thought to be the first society to cultivate cocoa... Mayans took advantadge of exotic aromas such as Annatto, which is at the heart of the achiote paste, still relatively easy to find at latin stores. Also originally Mayans ate meat from animals that are now on the endangered species list (such as the armadillo, turtle, iguana), except for the turkey which had been domesticated by them; so since it is no longer possible to use these types of meat we can approximate the original flavor with what you can find today at the supermarket. Mayan food has among the hottest dishes of all mexican cuisine, due mostly to their widespread use of the habanero chile... Some of the recipes presented here are also shown in other sections of this site; we placed them here again for convenience.  Enjoy this list of modern maya cuisine dishes...

Fríjol con Puerco
Yucatecan Style Beans
Green Pozole from Guerrero
Mondongo Kabic
Cochinita Pibil
Chilmole with chicken
Tamales Amarillos (yellow Tamales)
Chicken Pibil

The Papadzules
Mukbil Chicken
Caballeros Pobres Dessert
San Simón Turkey
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