Yucatán-Style Beans (frijoles al estilo Yucatán)

Often it is said that when the weather gets colder outside, we crave a heartier dish; and if you're looking for a real mexican treat, why not consider making some hot Yucatán style beans? The mexican Yucatán peninsula has many spicy surprises for us in store, just leave the seeds in those habanero chiles in the recipe for an even stronger spicy kick.

Ingredients for 6-8 people:

* 2 pounds black beans
* 3 pounds pork shank, cubed (3 pounds not including the bone)
* 10 garlic cloves, coarsely diced
* 14 radishes, chopped
* 2 white onions, diced
* 2 habanero peppers, slightly roasted
* 3 big red tomatoes, roasted then quartered
* 2 bunches fresh cilantro leaves with stems, washed then chopped finely
* 2-3 limes, quartered
* Salt


1) The day before, rinse the beans, then put them in water overnight to soak; the next day, drain.

2) Mix together half the minced garlic, the pork cubes and the beans in a pot; pour in about 8 cups of water, or enough to top the beans by 1 inch. Cover the pot and simmer for about one hour and half, about the time it takes for the beans to be tender and cooked.

3) Meanwhile, put one habanero chile, the remaining garlic and the roasted tomato quarters to the bowl of your blender and thoroughly liquefy; pour the resulting salsa in the pot with the beans when it has finished cooking. Simmer for ten more minutes. Season with salt, as desired.

4) Now for the traditional vegetable platter presentation, as follows: put the onion bits at the center and then generously sprinkle the cilantro around it; further around, arrange the radishes.

Serve the beans with pork in each individual bowls with the lime quarters on top, and let everyone help themselves with the onions, cilantro, radishes, however they might want it. Mince the last habanero chile and present it on a separate plate so that people can increase the spiciness level of this dish a notch or two... if they dare!

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