a serving of pozole rojo

The authentic Pozole recipes

The Pozole is one of the oldest and authentic mexican recipes still being made today, very much like they did in the precolombian days... A pozole is in certain ways like a mexican soup, but in many other ways it isn't really considered a soup; therefore I felt pozole deserved its own distinct section of my website focusing only on this dish. The main common ingredient behind pozole recipes is hominy, which is corn that has passed through a process called "nixtamalization". This process positively changes the nutritional value of plain corn and was carried out throughout the Americas by many indigenous tribes, including by the mexican civilizations. The word hominy itself comes from another indian language, but nixtamal comes from the Aztec language or Nahuatl.

There are many ways to make Pozole in Mexico, and this section of my site will try to display the most authentic and influencial recipes...

The Red Pozole
The Menudo
Pozole from Jalisco
White Pozole from Colima
Chicken Pozole
Chihuahua Menudo
Green Fish Pozole
Green Pozole from Guerrero

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