Recipe for breaded and stuffed poblanos chiles (chiles poblanos rellenos)

To serve this mexican dish, it can be presented alone as an appetizer without the tomato sauce or the breaded chili can be placed on a plate and then covered in the tomato sauce described here; but because of the large size of a poblano pepper, I would lean towards serving this as a main course dish. This meal can be accompanied with rice and when presented like this makes it a tasty main dish. Also instead of cheese you can stuff them with ground beef, carrots and potatoes with spices.

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Recipe for cheese stuffed poblano chiles:

A breaded and stuffed Poblano Chile
The final product; please note for this picture I made my salsa with green tomatoes instead, and I did not pour the salsa over so you can admire this, ahem, masterpiece!

6 poblanos chiles
Monterey Jack cheese, cut in 12 sticks, or more
4 egg whites
2 cups breadcrumbs
1 onion, chopped and fried,
1 onion, roasted in the oven
2 minced cloves garlic,
5 red tomatoes, roasted in the oven
1 can tomato paste
some cilantro, to your taste
1 tablespoon chicken broth
the necessary canola oil for frying
salt and pepper


1- Char the poblano peppers in the oven or directly over the stove; peel when they are charred all over.

2-Cut a small hole in the chiles and insert some cheese strips (2-3 per chile) then some fried onions; careful not to make the hole too big... Lock the chile closed with a toothpick, if necessary, so that the cheese filling won't come out when deep frying.

3-Beat the egg whites with a mixer, until they are stiff,

4-set up three plates: one with the beaten eggs, one with the breadcrumbs and an empty one where you will place your chiles that are ready for frying.

5-Roll the chiles in the beaten egg whites, then roll over the breadcrumbs on that plate and place on the third plate;

6-Deep fry the stuffed chiles in hot oil, on all sides - if using a deep fryer leave them in the hot oil (at 325 °F) about 3 minutes, I really recommend using a deep fryer for more safety in this step

7- with a food processor, liquefy together the tomatoes, roasted onion, tomato paste, garlic, broth and salt.

8-Simmer this tomato sauce until it reduces, it has to be semi-thick...
Put in the fried chiles on each plate, pour some salsa over and top it all with a small sprig of cilantro...

Buen provecho!

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