The famous mexican rice recipes (arroz mexicano)

Most authentic mexican recipes describe meals that simply beg to be served with some kind of mexican rice! In mexican restaurants found outside Mexico, dishes are often served with that red or orange looking rice that can have varying levels of spiciness... this would be the famous "Arroz Rojo" or red rice, see link to this recipe below on this page. Arroz rojo is also eaten in Mexico, although it traditionally incorporates more vegetables than how it is cooked outside Mexico; and it certainly isn't the only way Mexicans have their rice. Searching through the web for mexican rice recipes will give you many different methods to prepare the same red rice; however there is more to mexican rice than "Arroz Rojo"... this is where this page comes in to help...

Arroz Rojo (the orange mexican rice)
Lime and Cilantro Rice
Arroz con Frijoles
Morisqueta Recipe
Chicken with Rice
Red Rice with Shrimp
Green Poblano Rice
Huitlacoche Rice
Rice with Clams and Cuttlefish
Morisqueta from Michoacan

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