Recipe for Garnachas from Puebla (Garnachas Poblanas)

The garnachas are another family of appetizer recipes; you will hear this name more frequently in southern Mexican states such as Chiapas, or in other countries from Central America. The garnacha is another recipe of Mexican cuisine which of course features small corn tortillas, many consider this dish as being part of the Sopes family but to me they look more like tostadas. In this easy recipe we are topping them with pork, potatoes then a salsa with ancho chiles. This mexican garnacha recipe is from Puebla...

Recipe for Garnachas Poblanas

Ingredients (for 6-8 guests):

* 24 tortillas;
* 1/2 lb. Pork;
* 1 small onion;
* 5 ancho chiles;
* 1 lb. potatoes (one or two), cut in small cubes;
* oil for frying;
* Salt


1) Wash, devein and seed the ancho chiles. Cook the ancho chiles, then make them soak in salty water for 12 hours.

2) Cook the pork in the oven, in water slowly at 200 ˚F for 3 hours; once cooked pull the meat, shredding it with two forks. Boil the cubed potatoes until they are ready.

3) Once soaking time is up, remove them and blend adding a little of the soaking water, pulsing until you get a salsa consistency without it being too thick.

4) Fry the 24 tortillas in hot oil, flipping them so both sides are equally fried, cooking them until crispy. Once crispy, lay them flat on a service plate and immediately arrange the toppings over each individual in the following way: first some of the previously cooked and shredded pork, some finely chopped onions and previously cooked potatoes, salted and cut in small cubes. Pour some ancho chile salsa and then melted butter over it all.

Enjoy your Garnachas Poblanas!

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