Churros, the mexican way (churros mexicanos)

The churros are a dessert recipe that was created in Spain. Churros are those elongated donut-like treats, as seen on the picture on the right. Although the recipe is traditional of Spain this dessert has its place here in this site about Mexican recipes as this type of dessert is very commonly found in Mexico. These sweet pastries can be delicious soaked in hot chocolate and is often eaten on Sunday for lunch. The churros are very easy to do and, once fried they stay fresh for a few days; but naturally their best is when they have just come out of the frying pan...

How to make churros:

recipe for churros

* 4 cups water
* Flour: 1 lb. (approximatively)
* Baking powder: 2 tablespoons
* Sugar: 5 tablespoons
* Salt: 1 teaspoon
* Fresh canola oil for deep frying: 4-5 cups


* Mix the flour with the baking powder and pass the flour through a strainer to get rid any large lumps.
* On a large enough surface, shape your flour as a fountain with a lake in the middle;
* Heat up the water mixed with the salt in a skillet until it is warm;
* When the salted water is warm, pour it into the lake we did in the middle of our flour and, with very clean hands, mix and work for about 10 minutes
* When the dough's texture becomes smooth and fine push it up a straight sleeve with the traditional 5 pointed star nozzle
* Pour the oil in a large frying pan, or preferably use a deep fryer; when the oil reaches the ideal temperature for frying cut equal lenght chunks of dough by pushing the dough through the nozzle, into the oil
* In a normal large frying fan you can cook 4-5 churros at a time.
* When the dough is golden brown, flip them fry them for an additional minute.
* Pull out of the hot oil and allow them to drain on a sheet of paper towels or on a tray
* Sprinkle with granulated sugar for more taste and traditional look...

Enjoy this classic hispanic dessert!

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