Toltec Nopal Soup (Sopa Tolteca de Nopalitos)

Important ingredients you will find in many traditional dishes from Mexico are the nopales and the corn; and accordingly this toltec soup will allow them both to play an important part! In this recipe the cactus is fried separately, not boiled with the rest of the soup, to avoid them from getting a too slimy texture.

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The toltec nopal cactus soup


* 1 dozen cactus pads or Nopalitos,
* 3 jalapeño peppers,
* 2 red tomatoes, quartered,
* 2 cloves of garlic,
* 1 onion,
* 3 corn cobs,
* 2 chicken soup,
* olive oil


1) Cut the stalks from the nopal and meticulously cut the thorns out. Slice into squares and cook nopales separately in a pan with salt and garlic; reserve. Now fry the onion and the chile peppers with olive oil.

2) In a blender blend to liquefy the garlic, tomatoes and onions and peppers that you just have fried. Peel the corn cobs, and boil them in salted water, until 75% cooked. When they are cooked, slice the kernels from the cobs.

3) Pour the salsa we have liquefied earlier in a pot on the stove; bring to a boil, and pour the corn kernels in. Dissolve enough chicken bouillon in 5 cups water, and pour in the pot as well; mix. Lower heat setting and simmer to make the flavors combine together.

4) When the corn kernels are completely cooked, add the cactus and simmer about 5 more minutes.

Serve this Mexican soup with a few tortillas, or mexican totopos.

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