The Tlatlapas

This mexican dish is from the state of Tlaxcala; Tlatlapas is a simple vegetable dish to share with the family. The state of Tlaxcala can be divided into two regions which offers many original dishes following the traditions and local ingredients. The Tlaxcalan people were given more autonomy and respect from the spanish in the early days of the colony, therefore many of their old traditions and authentic dishes have survived to this day. In the center of the state you will find tlacoyos, dishes like ayocote, escamoles and quesadillas of huitlacoche, the Tlaxcalan soup, pulque meat, sesame red pipian and many more...

Recipe for the Tlatlapas

* 6 red tomatoes,
* 1 lb. red kidney beans, uncooked,
* 8 cups of water,
* 6 guajillo chiles
* 2 tablespoon olive oil,
* 10 nopal cactus pads, spines scraped off and edges cut off
* epazote and salt, to taste


1) Roast the tomatoes in the oven; meanwhile put the guajillo chiles to soak in enough hot water, blend to liquefy. Slice the nopal pads in strips, which you will proceed to cook the nopal cactus pads in boiling water, changing the water once to help them lose their sliminess; rinse one last time,

2) Roast the uncooked beans in a skillet, moving constantly to roast them as evenly as possible, let them cool down and grind in the blender until they become a powder (can also be ground with a coffee mill).

3) Boil the water and when it boils add the bean powder, previously dissolved in a little bit of cold water let cook over medium heat, stirring constantly so it does not make lumps or stick to the bottom.

4) When this sauce begins to thicken, we add the cooked red tomatoes blended along with chili. Then, we add butter, the nopales, epazote and salt to taste, that is left to take the desired tlatlapas thickness, and we are ready to serve.

Serve in clay soup bowls, accompanied by freshly made tortillas.

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